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Getting started with the Stripe Shell

What you’ll learn

The native Stripe command line interface (CLI) is one of the most powerful tools for your toolchain when building and testing your Stripe integration. And now the Stripe CLI is available directly in the browser, also known as Stripe Shell. By watching this video tutorial and using the resources linked in this post, you’ll learn the essentials for using the Stripe Shell and the Stripe CLI to build and test your Stripe integration.


If you’d like to follow along, all you need is a Stripe account which you can sign up for here.

Invoking Stripe Shell

Stripe Shell is available from anywhere in There are a few ways to invoke the Stripe Shell. The two fastest are to use the global toggle button located in the lower right corner of the browser window, or to use the keyboard shortcut control and backtick (ctrl + `).

What you can do with the Stripe CLI

With the CLI you can:

Since Stripe Shell runs in the browser there are a couple of features that are only available in the native command line interface (like being able to forward events). But being able to trigger events, listen to events on your account, and query and manipulate resources from anywhere in the docs is immensely powerful. If you would like to take advantage of features like log tailing and forwarding events to your local dev server, we highly recommend installing the native Stripe CLI.

Pro tips

When using the Stripe Shell there are a number of handy keyboard shortcuts to make using the Shell even easier and to boost your productivity.

What to watch next

For a deep dive into the native Stripe CLI, see this video from @cjav_dev.

About the author

Matthew Ling

Matthew Ling (@mattling_dev) is a Developer Advocate at Stripe. Matt loves to tinker with new technology, adores Ruby and coffee and also moonlighted as a pro music photographer. His photo site is at and developer site is at

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