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Discussion on: What is your one most favorite website on the internet ️?

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Steve Smith


  • Excellent UI that does what I need Sure, I want more (and some of those wants are in the pipeline), but budgeting can be complex and a good user experience is WAY better than a gagillion widgets that 5% of users know how to use.
  • Amazing consistency in messaging Everything from help and videos to release notes. I particularly like their release notes and job descriptions (something I've done my fair share of). Good branding is a fine goal, but a good, strong culture turns branding into something valuable to customers.
  • Great support I had an issue with automatic imports from my bank (it was my banks fault, mostly). YNAB eventually overhauled their import mechanism to improve importing generally and fix my issue in particular. When it was finally fixed (months later) support reached out to let me know. I think they even reach out midway to give me an update (that a major feature/refactor was in the works, but taking time).
  • Good value for the money I pay a reasonable fee for a valuable product. I've tried a lot of budgeting tools: mostly hand-crafted spreadsheets, but a few products, free and fee-based as well. YNAB is far and away the best. I save money (or spend it smartly) and they make some money. Your mileage may vary, but I find it an amazing value for $84/year.

In short, when my bank was doing weird 2FA things that broke automatic imports I almost changed banks (but manual imports were easy enough, and I walk by my bank on the way to work, well, before COVID, back when I walked to work). I use it nearly every day. It usually makes me smile. Software is hard, so this a rare thing.

Not affiliated with YNAB in any way ... would love to work there some day, but I'd have to level up my SAAS, Ruby, and Ember experience.

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Suraj Vishwakarma Author

Great website 🔥🔥🔥 I will try it soon