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Listen, Observe & Learn. This helped me a lot during my internship in the past.

I find most of my senior developers are very receptive and willing to teach when I listened consciously and showed commitment to the work assigned.

You can observe and learn a lot from your senior developers.

  • Programming (Coding style, shortcuts, tools)
  • Work flow (Notes taking, Problem solving, Whiteboard design)
  • Communication (Messaging/Mail etiquette, Commenting JIRA/Pull requests, Formal/Informal discussions)

The best evaluation that I can think of is,

"If you can pat yourself that you arrived at the best solution that you can offer with your current knowledge & expertise, you are doing good."

Wish you good luck with your internship!!.


Thank you, Subuu! I am so excited, this is my first experience and reading this is helping me a lot. I will do this, hope everything turns great. Good luck on your projects! :D

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