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Subbu Lakshmanan
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HactoberFest Challenge: Completed


  • Thanks to DigitalOcean, Github, Twilio for organizing the #HacktoberFest event
  • Thanks to Beautus S Gumede for the repo

    GitHub logo sduduzog / slim-launcher

    Android minimalistic launcher

    Slim launcher

    All you need is less.

    GitHub F-Droid GitHub tag (latest SemVer) GitHub stars

    Slim Launcher Logo

    Now available on Google Play and F-Droid!

    Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid


    Slim launcher only allows you to use fewer apps on your phone. Giving you more time to enjoy life as it was intended. Also a perfect app for a minimalist lifestyle.

    If you think you can come up with a better description, shoot submit an issue! I'm horrible at this marketing thing



    1. See something you don't like, or that can be made better. Create an issue for it. Of course, its not going to be everything that we might agree on, like adding a yellow popup when phone screen turns on but I try to reason with you and make sure we're on the same page in terms of the direction the app is going.

    2. I honestly don't always have the time or resources to fix issues that come up in…

  • Thanks to community, as there was never a day without a post on #hactoberfest. It helped as encouragement and sort of reminder.

My original plan was to submit PRs for documentation for some repositories. However, then I moved to repositories related to Android since I can contribute some of my skills. As I was looking for a repo, I came across this post, and the repo became my choice for HactoberFest Challenge.

Why I chose the repo

  • First, it's an Android App at early stages. It provided an opportunity to add features while exercising my android skills.
  • I am working on a feature at work based on the idea from the app. So it's only fair, I give back something.
  • The app is written in Kotlin, which helped me to understand and practice writing code in Kotlin. At my work, We are still in the early phases of moving from Java to Kotlin (less than 5% progress).
  • Finally, It felt good to answer in a more practical way for the question asked in the post.

What did I learn from this

  • A bit more of Kotlin, how simpler to do few things compared to java.
  • Espresso UI Testing: We are planning to add Espresso UI testing at work, and it helped me practice a bit.
  • Continuous Integration and how to integrate CircleCI for Android apps. I have tried CircleCI before, so it didn't take much time to do for the second time. However, I paid a bit more close attention to configuration details this time and learned a couple of new tricks.
  • I came to know about Codacy through a senior colleague, and find it very useful in analyzing the code quality when practicing with this app.
  • Codacy provides code analysis through different static code analysis tools like PMD, CheckStyle. As I was fixing the warnings provided by Codacy, I sometimes need to refer to Java/Kotlin docs to make the fixes. I learned a bit more on Kotlin reified type params.
  • I have never used, 'git squash' before; I usually create multiple smaller commits, but when I submit the PR, I tried git squash to squash all smaller commits into one.

List of references as I was working on PRs

HactoberFest Plan

- [x] Submit PRs for slimlauncher and get 'hacktober' t-shirt
  - [x] PR-1: Initialize Testing Framework
  - [x] PR-2: CircleCI integration
  - [x] PR-3: UI Testing using Espresso Framework
  - [x] PR-4: Improve Code Quality using Codacy
  - [x] PR-5: ~~Firebase Test lab~~ Grid Layout for listing apps
  - Bonus: Fix Readme
    - Add Screenshots
    - Add Build status

- [x] Add comments in [original post](
- [x] Write a post on sharing the HactoberFest experience and Thank the community

What my plan from now on

It was the first time I have contributed to the community through Github. Through the experience, I enjoyed the learning process and the satisfaction when the changes you proposed gets merged.

I am going to watch out to the posts by Ben on Who's looking for open source contributors? and contribute at least once a month.

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