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I may have to try out vscode once more. I used vscode quite a few times before and I didn't quite like it in the past. For one, I didn't get the key binding to work like vim or sublime so it was a pain to navigate in vscode. For two, which is a bigger reason than one, I find atom/vscode to be slower in performance than sublime. When I launch sublime, bam! I can start typing and get my ideas into reality right away. With vscode, I had to wait and wait.. And by the time, the editor is ready, I already half way lose the thought on what I wanted to write. Of course, that can be solved by having vscode open and running in the background 24/7

Edit: I just gave vscode another shot, and boy, it is certainly a huge improvement from v1.0. The keybinding support works flawlessly on 1.25.1, and it has become much more intuitive to install extensions/plug-ins. The launch time is still slower than sublime 2 and 3, but it is definitely much faster than what I experienced with v1.0 and pre 1.0 releases. Kudos to Microsoft. If they can make vscode launch faster than sublime, I would have no excuse to switch over. But at this time, I am half way sold.


Yeah, I agree with you, sublime is incredibly fast, even when opening large files.

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