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re: I am curious about being a software test engineer, what tools do you use? How do you do it? What is the most challenging part of the job?

Sorry for replying so late. So job of a software test engineer basically entails following things:

  • writing test scenarios and test cases
  • testing your application using these test cases
  • logging incidents/bugs
  • testing these bugs once they are fixed
  • writing automation scripts
  • and so on Whatever I mentioned above is a very basic outline of the job profile and there are so many other things in this field. I've used tools like Tosca, Postman, WcfStorm, Fiddler, Uranium, etc. You should at least know basic sql so you don't have to run to your dev each time you need to perform some database testing. The most challenging thing I believe is getting the job done in such a short time period. Most of the time what happens is there's a tight schedule. You are supposed to get 2-3 days for testing the application but instead you get 1 or half day as development gets stretched/there's some technical issue/some unidentified requirements. So you have to keep your brain as caffeinated as possible and be a ninja. Hope this clarifies your idea about software testing.
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