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re: Interesting approach, but I think I would use a software like Gitea for the remote-git stuff :)

I use Gitea myself and definitely recommend it or even a self-hosted GitLab CE setup over this 'hack'. I mean you could just do git init --bare in a directory (reponame) under the git user directory, set up sshd_config and off you go. Just use git remote add origin git@ip.or.domain:reponame.git on your local machine. If you wish to keep the GitHub 'mirror' updated, set up an access token and a post-receive hook containing git push --mirror --quiet https://ghusername:accesstoken@github.con/ghusername/reponame.git.

All of this can be done with a few clicks on the Gitea/GitLab UI. Good post by the way :)


Glad you liked it. Tbh I didn't even know gitea existed until I posted this comment and Julian brought it to my attention.

Yes there are always tons of ways to do something, I am no expert on git but I need to get more familiar with --mirror for sure since I haven't used it before.

Btw I just got done installing gitea, and it's looking good!

It's just the Blade templating engine, so you can customise it a lot. Clone the go-gitea/gitea repo from GitHub and look for the templates folder and move it to the custom folder in the Gitea's installation directory. My setup is at Cheers!

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