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re: Which programming language/environment is more “powerful” than people realize? VIEW POST


Ruby AND Ruby on Rails !

Ruby is quite awesome once you have mastered it, its syntax and logic makes development insanely fast imho. I understand that some people do not like this language very much for performance reasons, I can agree in some measure, but unless your project REALLY need insane performance, I don't think you'll really be annoyed by this (and as always, if performance was the only reason to choose a language, we would all be better off with good old fashion C/C++ !)

As for Rails, my opinion might be biased since I'm a Rails developer (and PHP hater, sorry !) but I really love it. It's full MVC, DRY, ActiveRecord is pure love if you like to focus on your code and forget about your database (in some measure) and the community is pretty huge.
Even if today Rails has solid competition (on the full-stack JS side mostly), it still has some tricks in its sleeve (looking at you Rails 5 API mode :D) !

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