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Nice article, very interesting!

I don't think I can add much value to this since I never quite understood my own sleeping habits but I can totally relate with the idea that there are no absolute rules about sleep (well, excepted the fact that it is needed, unfortunately for our schedules 😀).

Generally, I think the most important thing when it comes to sleep is not the duration (hence why any "magic number" is bulls*** IMHO) but the quality (meaning: 4h of good sleep are better than 8h of "bad" sleep). And I believe sleeping too much affects the quality, so obviously, oversleeping won't compensate the lack of quality. Now the thing is: what is good sleep? That's where it gets complicated because sleep quality is affected by literally everything:

  • You are too rested? Or too rested? -> bad sleep.
  • It's too hot? Or too cold? -> bad sleep.
  • You'd rather sleep alone? Or with someone? -> bad sleep.
  • You are depressed? -> bad sleep.
  • You ate too much? Or too little? -> bad sleep.

... and so on for a lot of various factors and no one is affected in the same way by a specific factor. The two best examples I can find are screens and caffeine. Some people will have trouble sleeping if they used a screen before going too bed, some others (like me) will literally fall asleep every night looking at a screen. Some people won't sleep at night if they had a cup of coffee after 4:00pm, some other will fall asleep half an hour after an energy drink (fun fact: a friend of mine once told me he'd sleep a lot better when drinking an energy drink shortly before going to bed...).

Anyway, aside from endless examples my point is: what makes sleep "good sleep" is different for anyone and depends on a lot of things and that's what people should experiment with rather than with sleep itself (on which you have very little direct control anyway, aside from duration)).

Also, I believe consistency is important too: the human body can adapt to a lot of things but it's a creature of habit, so trying to sleep the same amount of time every night and at the same time frame is most likely quite beneficial.


I agree with most of the points you mentioned.
For me hot or cold doesn't make any difference, just as when I sleep. I used to travel a lot and hop continents so my body kinda got in a state where any sleep anytime is possible. I've heard the same happen to many successful CEOs I know. They can sleep anywhere, anytime with anyone.

Screens also don't make a difference for me, they actually dry my eyes when there is dark around and make me fall asleep faster.

I found physical exercise to contribute a lot to my energy levels. Not overworking myself, but running a constant amount of 10km or swimming an hour makes a huge difference.

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