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re: I'm using ArchLinux: No bloated crap or shady partnership with asshole companies like Ubuntu No obsolete package like Debian/CentOS No weirdness ...

You forgot:

  • Broken packages every week
  • Malwares in community repos

I've been using Arch Linux for a while but I ended up switching for something more "stable", rolling release is awesome but it can break to easy, I don't want that on a machine I use to code.


Never had any problem with my computer, I guess we don't use the same tools.

Also, every distro having community repos may encounter malwares, and that's exactly why the installation tools pushes you to review and check what you're installing.

If you downloaded a software from a community distribution center on any other platform, the problem would be the same.


Broken packages is extremely rare.

The malware stuff was removed under an hour. Shit happens, what's important is how they deal with it. Also if you don't read the install files of an AUR package you're gonna have a bad time!

And no, arch doesn't break. I've used it for 10 years now and it broke less than Ubuntu that I was using before (why do you think I switched :p)

Well I did use Arch for years and while it's true that I doesn't break THAT often, it still can happen (and it happened to me a few times). I'm not saying it's a bad distro, it's awesome, but if you want guaranteed stability (without taking time to double check things when you update), rolling release (on Arch or otherwise) is not the best idea.

Also, don't take my first post too seriously, it was a bit satirical :)

If you find Arch too much "cutting edge", maybe you could give Manjaro a try ! You get Arch benefits but packages updates are much more tested, so less risks(:

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Arch-based, installer is very nice, can support live CD mode.


I’ve been using arch for about six years and I can only remember one broken package which was fixed in a couple of hours. In the meantime I had simply downgraded that package.

Arch has been very stable for me. I have a ~5 year old notebook still running its first arch installation. And it has seen many different desktop environments and a lot of AUR packages.

For me arch is the perfect dev distro.

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