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re: I didn't realize oatmeal kept. I didn't like it as a kid but maybe I'll give it another shot. Also, is your name related to SG-1? If so, it's alway...

I'm a Stargate fan too :D

(yes, this post has no other use than saying that)

There are millions if us!

I'm a fan of SG1, SGU, and SGA in that order.

I am actually in the process of deciding whether or not to use my real name and/or change my GitHub username to something that resembles my name.

I haven't decided. The biggest fears I have is loss of name recognition and disassociating what I've contributed on other projects from the new name.

Name changes are hard, I would say don't bother changing it unless you become like twitter famous or something. But I'm not super famous, so no reason to listen to me!

Also SGU before SGA? Rare to see that preference! Anyways, is going vegan part of your journey to ascension? :P

No journey to ascension as far as I know. Just got some alone time happened to read some online articles about it and for ethical reasons decided to make the change.

Figuring out a way to have sweets was very helpful in keeping me on track.

As far as I SGA, I still like all the shows of Stargate, I just was ready for a show with a different formula than SG1.

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