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The good days:

  1. 7:30 wake up, glass of water and straight to shower
  2. 7:50 breakfast
  3. 8:10 tea time!
  4. 8:20 teeth brushing, air combing, beard trimming and other things to go from "morning hobo" to "shiny web dev"
  5. 8:45 leave for work to be there around 9:00

... in theory. It goes that well once or twice a week, the other scenario is:

  1. 7:30 to 9:00: snooze the alarm (or just sleep through it...)
  2. 9:00 to 9:15: rush everything I can
  3. 9:30 arriving to work still half asleep and wanting to die

I used to meditate a bit in the morning but these days I'm just too tired and just fall back asleep if I try.

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