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Most likely 14 with my first bash scripts, can't remember what for exactly.

As for "real" programming, I'd say around 15, that's when I seriously started learning C (and Python), my first project was:

Sudiukil / c3status

Lightweight status line generator for i3bar


c3status is a simple status line generator for i3bar written in C.

The main goal of c3status is to be simple to understand and easily extensible by writing functions and recompile the code, which allow you to display almost anything in your status bar c3status is designed to be as lightweight as possible by using system calls and by getting info at a low level without needing to run shell commands.

Current and planned features

Even if c3status aims to be extensible by anyone using it, I obviously wrote some functions for my personal use, and I plan to write some more, here is what is currently available and what will probably be:

  • Basic infos
    • System time and/or date
    • Alsa volume
  • System infos
    • CPU usage
    • CPU temperature
    • RAM usage (in %)
    • GPU temperature
    • Disks usage (in %)
  • Network infos
    • Network download and upload speed
    • Wifi ESSID
    • Wifi signal percentage

Never really "finished" it though 😢 I stopped developing it at the "it works for me and no one will ever use it anyway" point ahah. I've been meaning to rewrite it in C++ for years but never took the time to do so.

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