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If you really want emojis: . On a side note, I do believe that emojis should be an OS/browser side functionality rather than a website one... I mean, since emojis are now part of how we all communicate on the web, implementing emojis on every service is just as dumb as if every site implemented a keyboard to type words.

For the native app, even though I don't wish one myself (I never come here on a mobile device), I don't see why it would be a bad thing, if you don't want one, just don't use it (when it'll be here).

As for the rest, it's nice of you to suggest improvements for, but since it went open source recently, don't you think there would be better ways to do so? :)


Since when in the UX world you tell the users to install an extension on their browsers to use emojis :D

As for the native app read in the comment above plz.

since it went open source recently, don't you think there would be better ways to do so? :)

Ah... I saw that comin', and let's be a bit transparent about it:

Dev is the dream of the three folks: Ben, Jess, and Peter. They make the profits out of their dream (all happy for them), and we are the users of their platform. We all have dreams, like I do make my own coding academy: (totally open-source:, and a handful of other projects:

If I would write something to improve their dream (for-free), I would do it for a tool/component that I might get benefit from like: Dapper ORM used in Stackoverflow or their fast Redis client, but not for stackoverflow website itself ;)


I'm not saying telling users to install a browser extension is a good thing, just that the "emojis on websites" problem is a wider problem than a per-website issue. Also I believe the team are OSX users, they might be a little biased towards emojis with their super futuristic OS that supports emojis 😋 (that IS a joke, do not hit me 😇)

As for the last part, I was not asking you to contribute, I was just saying that the GitHub issues might be a better place to submit some of your ideas (like the simpler UI, and, for the record, I do agree with this one, at least partly) than a post here... because it will sink eventually and might never get the visibility an issue would have had.

GitHub issues might be a better

Ah... I get it, thanks for elaborating!

Well, Github issues are good but IMO for reporting, not for discussions (at least for cuz here feels a bit better for discussing).

And yeah I agree on your point, I was just a bit lazy to take that point separately into github :D


If you're on Windows you can hit "Windows Key + ." and it will bring up an emoji picker. 😎

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