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Today I learned - Day 7 (19 SEP 2021, Sun)

Note: I posting this as a personal log of my journey of becoming a developer. Along the way, as I accumulate knowledge, I will post some useful and coherent information and stories so that they may be useful to other readers as well.


  1. Completed a basic course on web development that covers basic front-end (HTML/CSS/JS/Jquery/ajax), back-end(flask), and AWS launching.
  2. Started a course on algorithm and data structures.
  3. Solved 2 algorithm problems. (leap year problem included)

my first web page ink (written in Korean)
(Not a secure website, so beware)

What I learned:

  1. How to launch a website using AWS and FileZilla.
  2. "No hangups" command to enable a website to run on its own.
# for running a website
nohup python (file name) &

# for turning off a website
ps -ef | grep '(file name)'

kill -9 <processID>
kill -9 <processID>
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