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5 weeks into full-time learning programming

Note: The boot camp that I'm in is in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), and does not offer courses in overseas (unless you can listen lectures in Korean). So this post is not to promote a particular boot camp or any boot camp.

It's been five weeks since I started learning programming full-time, and I wanted to share some thoughts about pattern of learning process for programming I experienced.

After weeks of learning how to code, I learned that the pattern of learning programming is a constant switch between panicking "I have no idea what's going on. This instructor makes no sense. Why does this thing go here? I need materials that explain things a lot easier" to one day waking up and thinking "This makes sense. Okay, so this works because variable is this thing, and it goes from here to there."

As long as I stuck to things I was working on, it worked out one way or another in the end. And I realized grit is really important when it comes to programming (well grit is important in almost every field...).

So the lesson so far was don't panic when things don't make sense. Just "keep calm and code on."

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