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Discussion on: Should I use Linux?

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Sunit Katkar

Some part of my work does require me to use Excel extensively and so I cannot abandon Windows. Openoffice, etc just don't cut it. As someone here said to use Linux subsystem on Windows. Yes, that's what I do to run some things. But these days, for development, it does not matter what OS you have as the languages are mostly Java, Python, TypeScript and the IDEs (like Spring ToolSuite, IntelliJ IDEA, et-al) run very well on almost any OS.

So I would recommend that first answer yourself on 'What am I going to do on my laptop?' and then decide on the OS. Like I do 99% non-Windows specific work but I need the 1% of Excel, so I decided to stick to Windows as the rest can also be done on Windows.

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Henry Boisdequin Author

That is an interesting thought. More and more, things are becoming available on all the OS, as you stated. My problem is that some things are just available on Linux still. For example, I had to wait a year to use the Google Football Playground. Also, I do use Exel which I run on macOS and that is not available on Linux. I will use Linux as a secondary OS, so I will always be able to switch back.