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Discussion on: Stop using virtualenv, pyenv, nvm, goenv and Use Docker images

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Sunny Singh

I like the idea of Docker, but it does cause pain for local development. Others in the comments have already expressed the main issues, but for me it's mainly just the slowness (e.g. having to rebuild) and extra complexity for simple tasks (e.g. setting up git pre-commit hooks).

For simple Node.js-only projects (no dependency on Postgres or Redis), Node.js version managers like NVM work great and keeps setups very simple. It's not a complete replication of the production environment, but you should have that in a deployed development environment.

Conceptually, we should use containers for everything. In practice (at least in my own experience), it causes unnecessary problems for local development.

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Javid Mougamadou

Ok I will mention it that version managers could be used for simple project