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re: I would say, don't be afraid to leave a comment. Last week I came across some old code I wrote that I didn't think was needed. I yanked it out and ...

That's a perfect use case for a comment! I prefer code that is self descriptive but sometimes a comment is needed to explain why some code exists or was written a certain way.


I would rather put that in the documentation of that function/method/class/whatever. I do not use comments in my code be it Python, Haskell, Java because I think that comments lie to you most of the time (I am a little biased towards this position after reading "Clean Code" from Robert Martin).

If I do not know what this code does after a month I need to rewrite it(assign better names for the values) or write better documentation

I am a junior developer. I agree in the principals of clean code and this is a great use case for a comment. With regards to moving it into documentation, I'd prefer to have a single source of information. It's easier to update a comment (yes, I'm aware they can become outdated) than documentation which has the same issue of becoming out dated.

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