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re: Ok, please help me understand, why would anyone who's ever really worked with react ever even care about Vue?

As a moderator, i would say we want to keep this place hostility free and framework agnostic. This isn't a place to point fingers and say X is better than Y. If you're not interested and you're happily working with react be merry and carry on without badgering other people. Dev is a place for constructive discussion, not for framework sectarism.


It's not low quality, I asked a question. Can I not ask someone to explain to me why I want Vue if I'm already using React, which a lot of people think is great. Opening up to a new framework is a big investment and I felt like additional convincing was in order. You might ask yourself, if not questions about understanding, then what are these comments achieving? I understand your job as moderator is difficult and that such a question could seem inflammatory, but how could I better ask why Vue is important in the context of having had substantially positive experiences with another framework? (React in this case.)

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