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Discussion on: Nobody is working for 8 hours a day, Why?

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Kevin Williams

There are many variables here but at the end of the day each person needs to find their own balance. Working in 9-5 office environments worked for me in High School-College as it helped me hone/sharpen my skillset when working in the same room as my team. I was also more efficient because that time (minus breaks) was my employers.

I'm now a mid-to-senior level developer and I have been working remotely since 2014. I can honestly say I'm a bit less productive as far as time spent working...but that's a good thing. My focus and priorities are different and I'm in a place where I seek a more healthy work/life balance.

I wouldn't say "nobody" is working 8 hour days. Depending on my workload and deadlines I still enjoy 8-10+ hour workdays and also all-nighters every now and then as projects require.

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Vignesh M Author

Agreed. The title in a click-a-bait.