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CSS Box Reflect

The `-webkit-box-reflect` CSS property lets you reflect the content of an element in one specific direction.

We can create the reflections using the box-reflect property.

/* Direction values */
-webkit-box-reflect: above / below / left /  right;

/* can also add offset value */
-webkit-box-reflect: below 10px;

/* even add gradient */
-webkit-box-reflect: below 0 linear-gradient(transparent, white);
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<img src="" />
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img {
  -webkit-box-reflect: right;
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css box reflect

Checkout the codepen here:

Browser Support 🌐

Box-reflect doesn't have the best support, but it's upcoming. So far, Firefox and IE have no support at all.

css box reflect support

Reference 🧐

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Ahmad Rafsanjani

It's news to me.. Thanks for sharing

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