How to create Javascript variables from PHP variables?

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Sometimes, you may need to declare dynamic JS variables using PHP.

One thing you can do is to manually write the JS code as following.

var x = "<?php echo $name ?>";

But, we can create a function to do this easily with a better data types support.

function phpVarsToJs($vars) {
    echo '<script>';
    foreach ($vars as $key => $val) {
        echo "var $key =";
        if (is_int($val)) echo $val;
        else if (is_bool($val)) echo $val ? 'true' : 'false';
        else if (is_string($val)) echo '"' . $val . '"';
        else if (is_array($val)) echo json_encode($val);
        echo ';';
    echo '</script>';

This function requires an PHP array, which contains key/value pairs which are the Javascript variable name and the value. Also, this function automaically creates Javascript variables according to the data type of the PHP variable.

PHP Arrays will be converted into JSON format. If you don't need the '<script>' tags, just remove those two echo statements.


    require_once 'functions.php'; // assuming this includes our function
    <title>My App</title>
    This is my app!

            'name' => 'John',
            'age' => 23,
            'meta' => [
                'height' => 168, // cm
                // and more ... 



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nice article, but this will only work if we are using JS in the same PHP file. What if we include the js from some other file?


I think you are talking about adding some PHP variables into a Javascript file. For example, you need index.js to have some dynamic variables to be set with PHP.

If it is what you meant, you can include the js file and the JS file should contain PHP in it.

<?php include_once 'index.js'; ?>

This will execute the PHP code in it and echo the contents to the current PHP file. But, having PHP code inside a Javascript file is a mess, in my opinion.

If you need to use this approach, I would recommend adding those dynamic variables into your PHP file. You can use an include for this. Here's how I do that.

<?php include_once 'js-config.php' ?>

And, js-config.php will have something like:

         'name' => 'John',
         'age' => 23,
         // ....

If you don't need the Javascript variables (or JSON data) on the page load, the best way is to fetch the data from the server using AJAX.