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Nice clean HomeOffice. I'm working since 2005 99,8% in HomeOffice.
I really like the clean look of your office, but I think you should at least add some "live" to your Office like a plant, or an (big) Image (maybe of Landscape) you love.

It makes "looking around" between phases of high concentration more comfortable and give your Eyes a place to rest (and refocus) for some seconds.

For me, my Keyboard (Ergodox) also is a piece of "feeling Home". It's the ergonomically Keyboard I found outside. (BTW: I didn't use qwertz or qwerty-Layout anymore, but NEO2, because I'm a Programmer which often needs special-characters like \/{}*?()-: ...)

So long in short - what I try to say: Not only make your room comfortable, but also your working-schema and create some routines (e.g. break for 5 Minutes every hour (Screen-Free-Time!)..).

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