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Discussion on: Why don't end products match exact UX design?

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Vani Shivanand Author • Edited on

As far as I know, there is no short cut. We need to carefully write HTML & CSS. But I can say, divide the work into different phases. Something like this,

  • Customise the component library according to design and import the same wherever needed.
  • Identify the color/gradient patterns and extract them as constants.
  • Check with the designer if he/she has used 12 or 6 column layout.
  • Learning a design tool superficially also might be helpful to walk in their foot steps. This shouldn't take more than 3 hours according to me.
  • Map the design tool properties to css nomenclature. This is important.
  • And most of them I have listed in the above post.

For the design ideas, though I am not a designer, there are sites like iOS also provides the basic templates for the design on their site.

Hope that gave a bit more detail. Thanks for the comment!