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re: Svelte Needs A Virtual DOM VIEW POST

re: I feel like you are looking at this wrong... There are two things that matter. Bundle Size Performance that is realistic to your app We say e...

Svelte performs a lot better when the app is small. Imagine a live updating website or Facebook being developed in svelte.

Bundle size does matter but as the application grows, all the functionalities in it are a need.


Where do you see proof that svelte can’t handle something like Facebook. That is just assumptions. Facebook was built without a virtual dom long before it had one.

And the difference is the size the JavaScript is to perform the same actions for the user. You can’t claim that it’s ok to have a larger bundle size and it’s justified because of react because of functionality svelte or even just HTML, css, and JS can’t do. React isn’t magic.

Also, once again most websites are not the size of Facebook. So it’s about your needs.

I would also argue it’s about how the developers work offline, the component architecture, that makes these frameworks valuable. Not the user experience. Nothing a SPA, svelte or react, does is something a standard site can’t do from a users point of view.

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