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Discussion on: Installing Docker and Docker Compose on the Raspberry Pi in 5 Simple Steps

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Hi, thanks for you post.

I'm starting to work with Docker and Docker-compose but can't install the docker-compose.

My configuration is:

  • RaspberryPi 3+
  • Raspbian Full Stretch and Buster (tried both with a clean install)

The hello-world docker runs without errors. So docker is installed.

But with the last command "sudo pip install docker-compose" There is an error end I don't know how too solve it. Looked around at the internet and trying Stretch and Buster version of Raspbian. Can you help me.

setuptools requires Python '>=3.5' but the running Python is 2.7.16

Command "/usr/bin/python -m pip install --ignore-installed --no-user --prefix /tmp/pip-build-env-1XaNDC --no-warn-script-location --no-binary :none: --only-binary :none: -i --extra-index-url -- setuptools>=40.8.0 wheel "cffi>=1.1; python_implementation != 'PyPy'"" failed with error code 1 in None