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In my (considerable) experience Sr Developer is usually a title associated with a pay grade, whereas as Lead Developer is usually associated with a position or assignment. Or in other words, this article is trying to compare apples and oranges.


I was made a Lead developer, and while it did bring more responsibility, it didn't bring an upgraded pay grade.


I've had the opposite experience :)


Interesting. I've held both lead developer and principal architect roles most of my 30+ year career, and while these were reflected in the org chart, neither was reflected in pay grade (or HR for that matter) in any way.

In my job market senior vs. lead devs are two specific roles I've seen both in organizations I've been with and also reflected in job postings too.

Given how variable our industry is, it's not really surprising that different people in different markets or living in different areas would have a different experience 😜

Ah yes, job postings are a different story - those definitely conflate role/position and pay-grade into one thing and that rarely reflects reality.

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