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re: Nice guide, great points here. I think commit-messages should be a lot like commenting code. Instead of re-stating the obvious in the commit messa...

There are cases where prefixes like that can be useful - writing "fix" followed by an issue number can automatically resolve said issue on Github, and there are similar integrations with for example JIRA. Granted, it doesn't have to be a prefix, or even be in the subject line for that matter - but still.

Outside of automated stuff like that I suppose it comes down to personal preferences. In my case I have found prefixes like that to be useful sometimes when skimming through a log on projects with multiple people.


I like having a Jira (or whatever platform) issue number in it. Even if there is no automation set up to read that, usually the Jira issue title/description/comments give more history of it that might not be captured in the commit message.

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