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Nice article. Can I guess that you have been influenced by youtube.com/watch?v=ImwrezYhw4w ?

I have been influenced for sure, and I deeply appreciate the multi-paradigm possibility in JavaScript


Ooooooh! I am so glad to find a fellow fan of Fun Fun Function here. Unfortunately, no, I was not entirely influenced by the video. "Entirely". I did learn about the concept from that video, though.

The inspiration behind this article comes from a thought experiment I had while I was in my shower. I just wondered how to implement private variables in JavaScript and POOF! I made an article about it.


Yup, I am a big fan of Fun Fun Functions. Fluffykins is the word I keep hearing about in his videos , hence I thought you might know about it.

Factory Functions . I have recently started working on nodejs and previously I had background in Java, Python , Ruby and I followed traditional OOPS programming.

However by going through FFF videos, I am convinced to think functionally and create Objects that way. Ultimate goal is to createsOBJECTS whatever way it may be.

Implementation of Classes in JS feels like implementation of Functional Programming in Java. Basically they are retrofitting stuff.

This particular rant against classes by FFF was awesome. youtube.com/watch?v=Tllw4EPhLiQ&li...

Yes! Someone finally caught on with the Fluffykins reference. I've been using it in my code examples recently in my recent posts in the hopes of finding a fan of the show. You, my friend, are the first that I have found.

That is why I find JavaScript to be one of the best languages out there. It just finds a way to combine various paradigms, which makes you think differently about programming. Traditional programming makes you strictly think in a specific way. For me, it doesn't open my mind to new possibilities enough, which is why I grew to love JavaScript.

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