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Discussion on: Changing job - How often is too often?

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Swarup Kumar Mahapatra

I can tell about my experience.. I have switched 3 companies in 5 years.

1st > I was in a company having 10000 employees, I was not convinced with my role provided and work was more of filling excel sheets in the name of testing. I learned programming and I tried hard to switch and I switched . (2 years)

2nd > I was in a company having 1000 employees. The environment was awesome, I learnt a lot. Pay was not super great. An employee of that company moved to a startup and he pulled me into Developer role. I couldn't miss out the opportunity (1.5 years)

3rd > This company had 100 employees. Very good culture like previous one. And I had very nice mentors. one fine day acquisition happened, and the company culture totally changed , and many people left the company (1.5 years)

Now I am in a startup created by the same people who left the 3rd company. the startup is small (10 people) and I am enjoying it.