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Discussion on: How we improved website performance by 24% with 3 unusual changes

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SwissGreg Author

Hey Paweł,

Thank you for the detailed suggestions, appreciate a lot!

Addressing your points:

  1. We are using Create-React-App, not sure if it supports dynamic imports without a custom webpack config, will have a look.
  2. Gonna try purgeCSS, looks like fun :)
  3. Already doing DNS-prefetch.
  4. I thought that the fonts are already optimized - we use something like: nunito-latin which should already be stripped down to only latin characters - or is it possible to go further?
  5. Good point, will look into unnecessary DOM elements.
  6. What do you mean exactly with the SVG tree copying?
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Paweł Kowalski

Fonts: ouh yeah, you can strip it down to characters you need - its very effective.

SVG - inlined svg is just a bunch of xml tags, so for 20 (even the same icons) your dom has 20x copy of that xml structure. I presume tiny png would be much flatter and i saw that you dont zoom/animate/manipulate icons on the map, so its less of a sin to migrate. Second option (probably better) would be to use svg symbols and use tag, to not duplicate the tree.