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Sebastian Witowski

This is super inspiring!
Sorry for a stupid question, but if you've been programming for such a long time - don't you have problems with eyesight? How do you deal with that? I'm 30 years old and my eyesight got significantly worse in the past 2 years (I didn't have to wear glasses until a year ago). As much as I would love to keep programming until the end, it made me think about switching to a career that doesn't require spending most of the time in front of the screen.

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Burdette Lamar Author

Thanks, Sebastian, and not stupid.

In my late 40s, just needed to move the screen a little further away.

After that, drugstore reading glasses (buy online for $3 or less/pair). Most recently, three strengths: book, laptop, TV/driving.

Last month I had cataract surgery, so now ($12K later) I need glasses only for very close work.

Update: 'Cataract surgery' means lens replacement.

Be sure to take frequent breaks, and look far -- out a window if possible.

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Regardless of kind of work, with increasing age eyes go worse. Huge natural shift is around 40.