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shawn swyx wang 🇸🇬 Author

i don't have the energy to get into this. you can make up your own mind, I don't need to convince you.

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Aleksei Berezkin

My apologies if it sounded like a trolling, I'm not here to mock anything. I heavily use React in production, however I'm open to new things. There was some hype about Vue, I wanted to try it, but now it seems Svelte is in trend. I watched a couple of tutorials but can't decide. Perhaps I just don't see something important? I'd be glad to change my mind.

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Paweł Kowalski

Good point of start is looking up Youtube: RIch Harris. He has 2 presentations about the differences. At least thats how i got into it. One is with "Reactivity" in the title, the other one i dont remember, but there are only couple anyways :)

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Rich Harris - Rethinking reactivity
The Return of 'Write Less, Do More' by Rich Harris

Virtual DOM is pure overhead

To me Svelte feels more like a logical extension to the technologies of the web platform (though there is always room for improvement) while React exists in it's own universe.

For some perspective this might be useful: The Real Cost of UI Components