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Discussion on: The Roaring 2020's

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swyx Author • Edited

it's far more likely that car ownership plummets, yes. the reason is sheer economics. your car sits idle 90% of the time. if it's self driving its much cheaper for companies to operate autonomous car fleets. your cost per mile would be an order of magnitude lower, not to mention the time saved maintaining and parking the car.

maybe think if you were in the 1990s and were making the same statement about everybody owning their own servers. "servers still need to be setup in a garage, right? unless you're referring to a possible future where nobody owns servers any more."

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Darshak Parikh

I see. Initially, I was comparing owning vs Uber, and completely missed the middle ground we already have: car rental services like Zoomcar.

Where I live, these are mostly used by young adults to go on trips until they can afford their own car, but it's possible they become the norm rather than the niche. (CaaS, anyone?)

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swyx Author

im pretty certain an "AWS of Cars" will exist. may even be Uber.