My New Mac Setup

shawn swyx wang πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ on October 31, 2018

I set up a new Mac for work today. Here's what I did immediately: Settings: Disable Ask Siri Big cursor Scroll & Zoom - Natural off Trackpa... [Read Full]
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Thanks! Another tool that's I love is hyperswitch ( to easily switch between the windows of the same app.


This shortcut has never worked on my Mac. I thought it was caused by my azerty keyboard layout and I changed the shortcut in my MacOS settings, but it still didn't work.


"...remap command+Q to literally anything else..."
As a Windows user I don't know how many times I closed all browser windows of my friends trying to make an @ sign which is AltGr+Q in Turkish Q keyboards.


Thanks for sharing your setup! I didn't know about cursor size, look up & data detectors, and I feel stupid for not realizing there was a path bar in Finder (unless it's a recent addition).


Thanks. Learned about a few more tools to try out - namely Rocket and Clipy.


I'd never have guessed that cmd-q might be an issue, what's your alternative shortcut for that?

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