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Discussion on: JavaScript Influencers to Follow in 2021🤩

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Sylwia Vargas • Edited

It is a plain request for clarification on the research process -- your explanation that the OP has "the right to share these influential devs" is unnecessary because I am not taking that right away. My expectation, as a tech writer, is that other authors will have a research process in place and that they will be transparent about it. If the research process consists of just enumerating their favorites, that's fine by me as long as they are transparent about it (which they are not).

Also fyi:

Stop taking everything personally, and stop thinking everything is discrimination.

comes across as quite condescending -- please address other members of the community with respect, especially if you don't know them and have not engaged with their comments before. Given how rarely I engage in such conversations, the hyperbole you used there is less indicative of my ways of being than of how you feel about questions regarding diversity. This is something I'm inviting you to think about.