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Discussion on: Talk Notes: "Secrets of Successful Mentors" (RailsConf 2021)

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Sylwia Vargas Author

Thank you for your kind words ✨
So I actually asked Doug about informal mentorships (specifically, why they don't work usually) and he responded:

My experience is mostly in formal mentoring relationships, usually as a part of on onboarding or apprenticeship process. Informal relationships suffer when everything else the participants are doing interferes. By definition almost 'Informal" means low on my list of priorities. One thing we have done a One World Coders is that we have a community slack channel that out team watches. We try to help out someone who comes in with a question, but there is not an ongoing relationship.

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Elsa Gonsiorowski

Makes a lot of sense, especially in the apprenticeship context. Thanks again!