Discussion on: Leaving VSCode

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Emilia Author

I'd recommend the vimtutor command to get acquainted with the editor itself, how to navigate with it, before messing around with plugins! It's worth it in the long run to really know what the different keys can do for you. Although, that's probably my bias kicking in for having used it before a breadth of tutorials existed!

I think this video series does a good job of introducing navigation concepts but I also heard good things about this small game introducing all the navigation/edition tools. All in all, it really depends on how you learn!

I'm definitely planning on getting more info out there on plugins, but here's my own plugin list in the meantime! It's not super big, but that's because I don't source the coc.nvim stuff properly just yet (And even then, it's just about having prettier/rust-analyser/emmet)! There is a useful list of coc plugins available on the coc wiki too!

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Zachary Fetters

Wow, thanks for this! Some solid recommendations here! Time to go on my Vim journey...