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Great article Jason, i love how easy is to understand virtualenvs using this.
Recently i came across a problem trying to teach a colleague how to set up his own virtualenv to simulate what i had done with mine since we were trying to mimic the entire environment of mine we faced a struggle and ended up failing :(

A day later we came across pipenv wich reproduced the exact ambient for us and problem solved... now i have to ask whats your stance in this virtualenv vs pipenv that seems to be happening around the python world?

and also are you planning to add it to your dead simple series? i will love to use it to teach my colleagues at college, i love the style of your writing (fan girl screaming on the background).

greetings and lots of tacos for you.


Honestly, I never planned on adding pipenv to this, but I may have to cave and add it anyway! Everyone keeps asking. :P

So glad you enjoyed it!

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