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Discussion on: How did you land your first job as a junior?

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Tae Kim

After I got out of the bootcamp, I had 2.5 months to find a job in the US before my visa expired. That was a big motivating factor for me. After 200+ applications, I was very very fortunate to land 2 job offers. Yes, I used the "spray and pray" approach, which I don't recommend to everyone, but I had no choice given my time constraints.

Some surprises:

  • Networking events didn't work for me at all. I found the return on investment to be very low (time spent attending events vs # of phone screens achieved).
  • My prior connections to the tech circle didn't help as much as I thought (referrals only help so much if you don't have any experience). I think something like 10% of referrals actually called me back.
  • You can get surprisingly effective results by branching out of the standard "drop your resume online" approach. For example, I got several phone interviews from a Twitter post. I got even more from posting on tech forums.
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Carlos Roso Author

Thanks for sharing! This is enlightening. You grinded so hard and you finally got the job. I find it curious how you got great results by posting on twitter or on tech forums. Very recursive!