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Depending on the requirements of your REST API project:

  • If it's a small project that doesn't need sessions/cookies, database integrations ...etc, then the standard library is sufficient.
    • One step up from the standard library would be an unopinionated framework like gin
  • If it's a big project with time restraints/deadlines or requires features like database integrations, cookie/session management ...etc, then go with buffalo.

yeah, since the project I am going to apply Go is quite simple. I actually have been working MUX.


I didn't use any, so I wouldn't know but one thing that I've noticed is that a lot of people don't and a lot of people do so you might want to research that a bit.

Strictly speaking, because how powerful the standard lib is, the only piece of framework you really need is the router and you can use gorilla mux for that.

gin seems a very populate HTTP framework on which you can build a REST API.

On @codehakase wrote a tutorial on how to build a web app with gin:


Nice. I found that gorilla mux has similar stuff like middleware in express or koa. I would probably start from gorilla mux and then other frameworks like gin if needed. Thank you, @rhymes


that's the way when I get started working on Koa by using boilerplate...


I'd recommend Iris for its express-like API. The repo has many examples. Try it.


I would strongly sugest you rething using Iris.

Please view this:

My vote goes to either simply using mux, or Echo.

yeah i using mux for the first and simple Go project


I'd recommend Echo for its ease of use and comprehensive documentation.


Yes, Echo documentation looks really, really nice! I've just dipped into Go basics, but if there's ever going to be a framework I pick up, it'll be Echo. :)


I would recommend using gRpc

  • Provides http/2
  • Provides streaming API
  • Auto-Generates clients.
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