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Bit Maze - Platformer Maze

Bit Maze - Platformer Maze


Guide Appley to find the sprout in this weird dungeon.

You may use your keyboard, or the controller at the screen to move Appley to another position.

This weird dungeon have so many traps, be careful of them!

Also please don't look at the source code (Especially the map!) before playing this game. That's cheating!


Up arrow key or Space bar - To jump

Left arrow key - To move to the left

Right arrow key - To move to the right


This game is actually based on the unfinished game I tried to do before. I couldn't continue that, because I thought that I needed so many resources and algorithms to develop that game. I didn't use any game engines nor libraries for that game.

I used Phaser to create this game. I can't split codes from here, so all the codes are just compressed into a single scene. The assets are from Aseprite. The default colour palette used by Phaser is ARNE16, so I also used that colour palette to draw these images.

The main character I used for the game before is a dinosaur, but I decided to change the character into an apple (hence the name of the character is Appley).


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