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A little bit of background story of mine. I studied Electrical Engineering for a year. During that time, I realized 2 things:

  • Hardware related subjects such as Digital Logic Design and Circuit analysis are too much dry for my taste.
  • There aren't any that many jobs related to this field (this is especially true in case of my country which is Pakistan).

This was enough for me to switch to full time computer science program (which I did).
Another factor was of my siblings' influence on me.** Being the youngest one among all of them meant that I got to learn tonnes of things about scope of higher education, latest trends in industry etc. To be honest, I am lucky because of them. They were the ones who went through the wall and got bloody unlike me.**

In terms of job hunt, my initial perception was that it wasn't going to be that difficult because of 2 reasons:

  • I had already done a 3 month internship at a startup as a RoR developer so I knew how does one actually practice Software Engineering skills in real life.
  • I already knew about the whole interview process, what are company's expectation from candidates, types of questions that they ask etc. I also knew about the experiences of my mates who got hired a year ago. Their perspectives were helpful too.

However, I realized that my perception was wrong. I*t's one thing to know about different interview hacks but it's another to actually sit in front of the panel/interviewer and deliver right answers in small span of time.* At every step of interview I realized that** there's always somethings that either I didn't knew or I had read it somewhere wasn't able to recall at that time**. All of this lead me to adopt the following strategies:

=> Interview Prep

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