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Bootstrap Native. Bootstrap WITHOUT jQuery Today

We get it. We all get it. Bootstrap JavaScript is heavy because it requires jQuery. You are right. So here are the bare facts about an alternative I found a while ago:



Bootstrap v4

  • Bootstrap v4: 60+ kb
  • jQuery-slim v3: 60+ kb
  • popperjs: 20+ kb

Total: 140+ kb


  • Bootstrap.Native: 20+ kb

Total: 20+ kb


Bootstrap v4:

  • popperJS
  • jQuery-slim


What about Bootstrap v5? Isn't that Vanilla?

Yes. It will be. But as of writing this, a stable version of that seems fairly far off (sometime later this year??). Also, sometimes it's good to support a smaller library that works incredibly well. Bootstrap.Native has 1.6k stars on GitHub and 8k download a week on npm. It's not feeble and it still leverages the CSS from Twitter Bootstrap.


Give Bootstrap.Native a serious try. Build a proof of concept with it and with Twitter Bootstrap. I guarantee you will find that Bootstrap.Native loads faster, performs smoother, and is just as easy to implement. I use it. It's honestly great. The documentation is lacking at the moment but you can just read the original Bootstrap v4 docs.

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