3 fundamental things I learned about React

Tamrat on August 10, 2017

I am learning about React and I found a talk given by Pete Hunt as one of the best “birds eye view introduction to React(even though it’s from 20... [Read Full]
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Love this simple explanation about React and React Components. Coupling is one of the major points for React adoption in the industry. It has simplified front end development by a lot more.


React (and more specifically, JSX) highlighted to me that a lot of front end developers don't actually understand separation of concerns - many colleagues would complain that markup was with Javascript and it breaks SoC. After using it, and being exposed to the idea that functionality defines concerns more than language, I'd say the majority of the team have become a lot more aware of coupling and specifically cohesion (a lot of heated arguments around whether something makes sense as a HoC, inside a component etc.).


I've been hesitant on React for a while, but this article gives some good arguments about some of the benefits it brings. The fact that it allows for effective CSS Modules also doesn't hurt!

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