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As a Muslim, who's never had alcohol in his entire life. I've worked in an agency where they would drink often in and out of the office. I was always shocked that these same people would usually just drive home after work (down the motorway) . Are people underestimating how much they've drank?
To show people that I am "sociable" I've always had to come down and have a coke. The last place you want to talk about religion or tell people you're "Muslim" is in the pub, you'll get tons of horrible stares and weird questions.
I'm glad you wrote this article 👍🏽


Yeah I mean I'm guilty of in the past having a few drinks and driving, looking back it was hella stupid! I think people are underestimating how much they drank a tad, but more so than that, how being a little tipsy effects their driving.

I find going to the pub or another and having a coke fine, but it's also a great place to experiment with mocktails(cocktails without alcohol, the mojito makes a great one to remove the alcohol from) and to have something fancier that I wouldn't easily have at home, like a ginger beer(like root beer, has no alcohol) + cranberry juice.

I'm glad this article has helped you and others though! Have a great day!

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