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This is pretty much what I'm providing out the box with Takeoff ( + Wordpress Blueprint ( although I must admit I need to fix a couple of things since I haven't needed to use it since I created it.

The blueprint comes out the box with Ngnix + PHP + MySQL setup, and it uses git submodules to clone Wordpress from it's repo to the local volume - it then uses some conventions to set up and run it from the local files within the Docker environment.

Would love you hear your opinion on using it


Thank you, I'll check it out.

Checking your wordpress blueprint I figure you are mounting the entire wordpress directory. My main point in this post is to mounting a minimum amount of files, especially with plugins/themes that is not related to the project and not gonna be modified.

Btw, I didn't know my posts are missing images. Time to fix my site :(


Yea, I'm thinking to update the blueprint to do this instead, it was a good takeaway from this article. I also want to provide a more generic PHP blueprint too to get people started, so possibly make the Wordpress install optional via scripts.

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