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Top reason to resign from my current job, A DevOps style?

Finally, I quit my job. 2 years ago, I joined a company as python programmer and a DevOps enthusiast. The beginning days are always so exciting but as the time flies the taste might change. I am very thankful to the company who have seeded so many aspects of DevOps on me. This article is also not meant to make or bring company value down but simply my thoughts expressed in words.

No culture:

The company wants to be a DevOps service provider in the international market but it does not have it's own significant culture for technical and non technical growth of its employee. It's all about culture so why not build withing the organization first not just on client work.

No micro-services:

In micro-service each services are broken down and assigned to a single container. The company wants a php guy to research on flutter and the requirement changes every months as the client changes. A complete mess of services to handle.

No monitoring

Employees are like the servers which does not stay in same state all the time. They are even more sensitive. They get frustrated, feel down and are at great pressure when there are deadline to meet. It's a management, who need to monitor the employees and try to keep them up and running all the time.

No Feedback loop.

The main reason behind the Continuous integration is we want to know the problem prior, get feedback prior and try to fix the problem as soon as possible before the changes get committed to production. Here, I don't find any feedback collected from employees. The decision maker does what he wants. It is just like directly deploying the changes to PROD server.

No scaling

Just think, what might be the condition when you choose the AWS t2 micro instance for deploying the services in production. It will run but might not be reliable. So we need to scale it as per the requirement rather than just trying to save money with smaller instances. The company never hires a skilled manpower. which can be beneficial to everyone in the team. Always looking for low budget employee similar to t2 micro.

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Dave MG • Edited

My friend I think you have just described literally every frustrated DevOperator who picked up and read both The Phoenix Project and it's companion The DevOps handbook.

You've certainly described my current frustrations. Let me both offer you my best wishes finding a new and better environment, and try to spawn a discussion off of this:

How have others here found success kicking off and getting real momentum behind your devops transformations given the frustrations shared here by @taragrg6 ?

I think they're familiar to a lot of us, and we've heard similar tropes before, read about them across various blogs and communities for years but the same cultural issues exist when companies and teams hire a DevOps.([engineer|architect|manager]) but maintain siloed, monolithic status quos (complete with a broken linting pipeline).

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David J Eddy

"...Always looking for low budget employee similar to t2 micro..."

You speak the truth! Some places are willing to pay, but those are few and far in between.