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Discussion on: Now You Have a Job! But How Does Learning Fit in at Work?

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Our training budget has allowed us to attend classes and conferences. I've been to a few here in the states and in Europe.

Also if I express that I'm interested in learning something, like Vue, VR, or machine learning, I'm given the opportunity to incorporate that learning into the workflow. The end result may be a proof of concept I can present or maybe a write-up saying how we may or may not benefit from this new thing.

At one point I proposed a company hackathon, and it was being concerned, but the company merged and we had to abandon it.

Oh and one more thing, years ago there were groups of cross functional teams within the company that got together during lunch or I think sometimes at the end of the work day.

Hope this helps.

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Jenny Shaw Author

Very helpful! I especially like the idea of self-directed learning and having to have a presentable proof on concept or writeup by the end. It seems valuable to be able to share that with your team and open opportunities and conversations for integrating new ideas and tools into what you're already working on.

Thanks for sharing!